Set Up A Productive Workspace At Home

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We have received advice about sticking to a routine, embracing technology, and minimizing distractions so working from home can be productive. Today, we share some tips on designing your workspace effectively so you can truly focus on the tasks at hand.

Set up a separate space: Some apartments and homes come with a study room or an alcove, but if yours doesn’t you can create it by dividing the room using movable items. Place a plant or bookshelf in between your living room furniture and your work desk and chair. This way you will have a work zone that is separate from the rest of the room.

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Make it Functional: We do need to get the work done, so it’s important to make sure that your workspace is functional and lets you do your job without hassle. Use chord organizers and file holders to keep thearea organized. A simple thing like putting items where they belong on your desk at the end of the day helps you come back to a clean slate every day.

Bring in Inspiration: Great work happens when you are motivated and inspired. Your workspace doesn’t need to be dreary. Bring hints of color and textures that invigorate you and help enhance creativity. From comic book posters to natural patterns to photos of your loved one, don’t hesitate to liven up your space with things you love.

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Use a timer: With so many things happening around us, it is easy to get distracted. One of the best tools to increase productivity is to use a timer to set limits for yourself. Let’s say the average duration a human mind can focus on something is 40 minutes. Set a timer for this time and use it to hunker down on the task you are pursuing. Once that time is up, take a break and walk around the house, look out of the window, or take a few minutes to meditate.


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