Let's Get Cooking

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Bring out the apron, gather your tools, and get your appetite going. Cooking at home is not only easier on the pocket but is also a great way to connect with yourself and your family. We have collected some recipes you will want to try your hand at.

Use those pantry supplies – Grocery shopping is a challenge right now, so let’s bring out the tins and cans we may have in stock. TV host and celebrity Rachael Ray has some great ways for us to use these staples. From comforting bowls of Spinach-Pea Soup to healthy options like Oatmeal-Quinoa Bowls, her website has ideas to match your taste.

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Bake with very few ingredients – Anytime is a good time for dessert. Don’t worry if you don’t have some ingredients that you may consider baking essentials. We have recipes you can make without eggs, milk, or butter! Perfect this art now, so you can share it later.

Bring experimental cuisine home – Sometimes your own cooking can get boring, we get it. If you are craving a taste of something different, we recommend this interesting food blog, which is all about crowdsourcing creative recipes. Meet the Samosadilla, or slurp on some Shin Ramyun, or wander the site exploring many other tempting recipes.

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Don’t forget the drinks – What’s good food without a good drink?! Bring happy hours home with these cocktail recipes. This site also offers substitutions so don’t worry if you are missing an ingredient. There are no rules to be broken, so don’t hesitate to get creative.

Cheers and bon appetit!


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