Things to Do (From Home) This Weekend

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Brunching, shopping, traveling, and meeting friends will return, but there is no reason why we cannot make the most of our weekends even now. Yes, for many of us days have merged one into the other and we are losing track of time. However, it is important to break up the week into periods of work and relaxation, so you can reset. Here is a list of things that we hope will find a place in your weekend plans.

Host a Netflix watch party: If the number of video calls we make are a testament, we sure do miss our friends. We cannot wait until we see each other and share stories and laughter in real-time. Enter, Netflix Watch Party, a service that allows you and your friends to get together and watch Netflix. A free Chrome extension allows you to gather your friends around the same video. A little chat window allows you to be critics in real-time too. Let’s get the popcorn out.

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Write to people you love: Yes, you shouldn’t be loading the postal service with lighthearted mail at this time, but you can absolutely use these days to indulge in letter writing. Thanks to technology, we are now more in touch with friends and family than ever before, but connections sometimes feel weaker. Writing and receiving letters builds connections like little else. Not only does it bring joy to the receiver but is also a great mindfulness practice for the writer. So, pick up your favorite pen, a nice sheet of paper and take this time to slow down and really share your life and thoughts with those you love. 

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Discover new music: Some of us are old enough to remember a time when we’d save our pocket money to buy records, cassettes, and CDs of old and new artists. This desire to experiment and discover fades as we grow older and settle into definitions of our taste and our personality. Why not use this time to ask your friends what they are listening to!? Explore international music, venture into new genres, discover artists from different periods. One of the best ways to find something you know you will like is to follow the people your idols speak highly of. If you have a favorite band, check out all their inspirations. This will lead you to discover many things you are likely to enjoy.

Try a new workout: Use this time to have fun with different kinds of workout. There are plenty of offerings online, especially catered to beginners. You can even check out workout classes from the 1980s. If there is a workout you have wanted to explore, but never had a chance, there is no better time than now.


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