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Use Tech To Tools Make Working From Home Easier

There are many upsides to working from home, but just like everything else has two sides, so does working remotely. Some of the challenges that people face include tech troubles, dealing with virtual meetings, and feeling isolated. We have some tips on how to not only manage but have fun with each of these challenges.
Jazz up meetings with virtual backgrounds – If Zoom is your preferred virtual meeting platform, you have plenty of free backgrounds to choose from. You can either choose from options there or add more personality by using other tools. Canva, a design resource website offers free templates that range from animated backgrounds to static images like your astrological sign. Jazz up your screen and use the background as a virtual ice breaker before the meeting officially begins.
Use organizational tools – It can be challenging when everyone working on a project is in separate locations. Using tools like Trello can help with organizing projects and workflows. We love the modula…

Set Up A Productive Workspace At Home

We have received advice about sticking to a routine, embracing technology, and minimizing distractions so working from home can be productive. Today, we share some tips on designing your workspace effectively so you can truly focus on the tasks at hand.
Set up a separate space: Some apartments and homes come with a study room or an alcove, but if yours doesn’t you can create it by dividing the room using movable items. Place a plant or bookshelf in between your living room furniture and your work desk and chair. This way you will have a work zone that is separate from the rest of the room.

Make it Functional: We do need to get the work done, so it’s important to make sure that your workspace is functional and lets you do your job without hassle. Use chord organizers and file holders to keep thearea organized. A simple thing like putting items where they belong on your desk at the end of the day helps you come back to a clean slate every day.
Bring in Inspiration: Great work happens whe…

Let's Get Cooking

Bring out the apron, gather your tools, and get your appetite going. Cooking at home is not only easier on the pocket but is also a great way to connect with yourself and your family. We have collected some recipes you will want to try your hand at.
Use those pantry supplies – Grocery shopping is a challenge right now, so let’s bring out the tins and cans we may have in stock. TV host and celebrity Rachael Ray has some great ways for us to use these staples. From comforting bowls of Spinach-Pea Soup to healthy options like Oatmeal-Quinoa Bowls, her website has ideas to match your taste.

Bake with very few ingredients – Anytime is a good time for dessert. Don’t worry if you don’t have some ingredients that you may consider baking essentials. We have recipes you can make without eggs, milk, or butter! Perfect this art now, so you can share it later.
Bring experimental cuisine home – Sometimes your own cooking can get boring, we get it. If you are craving a taste of something different, …

Escape with Books

If the daily news is getting to you and you are looking for some relaxation, we recommend curling up with a book. It’s a great form of meditation and helps you experience different things without having to go anywhere. Here is our list of books from different genres, all available for less than $15 online.

Mystery – If you love to play detective and are looking for a page-turner, curl up with Sofie Kelly’s A Night Tail. Part of an extended series, the book follows a librarian who sets out to solve a murder mystery in her town. This best-selling whodunit is a fan favorite and available on Amazon.
Sci Fi – Escape into a different universe with Alfred Bester’s The Stars My Destination. A story that spans across the solar system, the book follows Gully Foyle who spends six months marooned in deep space. This much-loved book also saw a movie adaptation in 2017, but as they say, the movie is never as good as the book.

Autobiography – If there was ever a time when we needed inspiration and s…

DIY Weekend

Weekend plans, they ask. Instead of feeling lost because you don’t really have plans, tell them you are getting crafty this weekend. Take some time to unwind, make something beautiful, and sit back to relish in your creativity. If you feel unsure because you may have never indulged in DIY, don’t worry because our curated list today is designed for all skill levels.
Jazz up your windows: Bring more love into your home with DIY Heart Garlands. These delicate looking danglers are lightweight and promise to add charm to your room. If you haven’t had a chance to recycle the old books, magazines, or newspapers in your home then it may be a good idea to give the pages another life with these heart garlands.

Upcycle those toilet paper rolls: Do you have a lot of toilet paper rolls at home? Put them to good use and delight everyone with these toilet roll Minecraft creepers. Simple and imaginative, this is a craft everyone can get behind.
Go places with a map picture frame: We can’t really get …

Refresh Your Home

Repot the plantsPrint holiday photosOrganize the closetArrange the books
Does this sound like your home to-do list? If yes, then there is no better time than now to check things off. We are spending most of the day indoors, have more time on our hands (or so it would seem), and have plenty of online and offline inspiration to draw from. So, let’s get creating!
Get some green on your thumbs: Spending time caring for your plants is one of the best ways to decompress. If you have plants that need a soil refresh, or one that has grown too big for its planter, repotting is the answer. Never done it before? There are plenty of videos that teach you how to do it. We love The Sill, because of the practical and insightful suggestions they give. Learn all about repotting from the masters.

Put up your gorgeous photos: Let’s be honest. The digital album on your phone is not too different from your grandmother’s dusty picture albums. Photos go there and seldom see the light of day. Now is a great ti…

Back to School

Whether you are looking for self-learning options for your children, or flying solo, knowledge is power. Use this time to discover or pursue something you’re truly passionate about. This need not necessarily be required for school or work, but it could be something that piques your inner self.
Enroll in Yale University’s Most Popular Course on Happiness: Titled The Science of Well-Being, this course, currently available for free on Coursera, is designed to help build more productive habits and increase our own happiness. You can sign up for the course on the Coursera website.

Learn a New Language: Yes, you cannot travel to a different country yet, but you can certainly prepare to. In addition to increasing your cool quotient, learning a new language has several other benefits, like enhancing mind agility, improving decision-making, strengthening memory, and more. Spanish ballads, French poetry, or Hindi love stories, now is the time to understand and appreciate the cultures that have i…